The field of optoelectronics refers to any type of vision-related equipment, including military scopes, virtual reality goggles, vehicle cameras, and instruments found in an optometrist’s office.

In addition to designing, fabricating, and assembling printed circuit boards within the optoelectronics industry, we have experience with the concept of miniaturization — creating technology with the same capabilities and functions on a smaller scale.

We’ve also worked on many optoelectronic PCB projects within the military and aerospace industries, which means we have experience carefully selecting the appropriate materials depending on the function and purpose of your project. We also understand that the types of high-quality PCBs used in military and aerospace projects must adhere to rigorous, time-sensitive standards and acceptance criteria.

Our military/aerospace certifications include:

  • ISO 9001
  • AA9100 S/B AS9100
  • MIL-PREF-31032 1-6 MIL PRF 1-4
  • MIL-PREF-55110 MIL PRF 55110
  • MIL-PREF-50884 MIL PRF 50884
  • J-STD-001 ES
  • ITAR registered with DDTC


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We can help answer questions about trace width tolerances.