Industrial Controls & Downhole Oil

From conveyor belts in manufacturing plants to electrical boxes in sports stadiums, industrial controls have come a long way. Here at Cirexx, we have the experience, the materials, and the advanced technology to produce the printed circuit boards that power these important systems.

We also have a deep understanding of PCB fabrication for the downhole industry, including PCBs for monitoring devices and downhole sensors.

Whatever your industrial control or downhole project — we can help. We’ve fabricated PCBs of all types, including:

  • Single layer
  • Double layer
  • Multi-layer
  • Flexible
  • Rigid-flex
  • High frequency
  • HDI

Our certifications include:

  • ISO 9001
  • AA9100 S/B AS9100
  • MIL-PREF-31032 1-6  MIL PRF 31032 1-4
  • MIL-PREF-55110  MIL PRF 55110
  • MIL-PREF-50884  MIL PRF 50884
  • J-STD-001 ES
  • ITAR DDTC registered




Learn how Cirexx helped developed a material combination and flex circuit design to withstand severe downhole drilling conditions.

Innovative Down Hole Drilling Solutions Case Study


We can help answer questions about trace width tolerances.