Taconic is a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced engineered composite materials. The company’s Advanced Dielectric Division supplies high-quality circuit board materials to a wide variety of industries. Their commitment to customer service and the production of high-quality, reliable materials — as well as the company’s ability to keep pace with changing industry needs — distinguish Taconic as a leader in the supply of PCB materials.


By pioneering the manufacture of PTFE-coated fabrics and other high-temperature/non-stick materials, Taconic has become a leading supplier to the food processing industry. They also supply a wide range of coated materials, including tapes, fabrics and belts for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Taconic provides advanced composite materials for microwave, RF, and high-speed digital applications, including:

  • Telecommunications
    • Antenna/base station antenna
    • Components/combiners/filters/splitters
    • Power amplifiers
    • Traffic collision avoidance systems
    • Transmitters
  • Automotive
    • Autonomous cruise control
    • High-temperature reliability
    • Keyless entry systems
    • Tire pressure monitoring
    • Road toll systems
  • Military
    • Guidance systems
    • Radar
    • Telemetry
  • Multilayer
    • ATE/chip testing
    • Digital multilayer
    • RF multilayer
    • Satellite
  • Mechanical
    • Flex PCB assembly
    • Gasket
    • Non-silicone masking tape
  • Medical
    • Wireless body area network
    • Medical scanners
  • Thin core packaging and flexible interconnect


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