Panasonic is a global technology company and recognizable leader in electronics. They provide a wide variety of products and services, including AV solutions, computers, tablets, industrial devices, smart mobility, and more. The Electronics Materials Business Division of Panasonic Corporation manufactures printed circuit board materials, semiconductor encapsulation materials, plastic molding compound, and advanced films.


With the advance of semiconductor and PCB technologies, Panasonic has responded to customer needs by developing the optimum materials for next-generation technologies. These include thermosetting resin design technology, compound material design technology, and materials evaluation technology required by state-of-the-art electronics.

Based on its quality assurance system, which incorporates manufacturing management methods such as SPC, Panasonic is able to supply multilayer PCB materials/laminates that satisfy customers’ needs by using a variety of evaluation technologies.

Panasonic’s materials are found in numerous PCB applications, including:

  • Automotive
  • Network antenna
  • LED lighting
  • Mobile products
  • Appliances


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